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Consistent and correct product data is crucial because it determines how products are presented and sold. It influences customers decision to purchase products and supply chain efficiency. In addition, incorrect product data can lead to incorrect deliveries, customer disappointment and damage to the company image. That is why it is important that product data is consistent, accurate and up-to-date. 

Large, leading retailers in the DIY and Garden & Animal sector, use the GS1 data standard for this.

However, suppliers in this sector often encounter difficulties in collecting all the necessary data and transforming their internal product data to the GS1 data standard.

To help suppliers with this, Master Data Partners (MDP) and Qmica have joined forces. Together they launch the “GS1 starters kit”. With the “GS1 starters kit” we guide suppliers in collecting, enriching and making article data suitable for the GS1 data pool.

MDP, specialized in data management, analyzes existing article data and helps companies classify products, enrich article information and set up effective processes to keep article data up-to-date.

With Qmica, you transform product data to the desired data standard. It also ensures that a supplier does not have to include and maintain all standards of those channels in its PIM system. Qmica maintains the data models within the application and informs the supplier about changes and which products require adjustment. This saves a lot of time. With Qmica you transform, normalize, validate and publish article data according to standards such as GS1. Quick and efficient.

Both MDP and Qmica have extensive experience with the complexity of the GS1 data standard. The cooperation has already been successfully put into practice. For example, we have analyzed, enriched, transformed and published product data from, among others, Grohe AG Soudal, Leifheit and Van Marcke in a short time in accordance with the GS1 data standard.

For more information about the GS1 starter pack, please contact:

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Esschert Design will also use Qmica to map, normalize and publish product data to GS1. Last month we gave the kick-off at Esschert to make product data suitable for publication to GS1 in the short term. Together with Innovadis, a direct link was built between the Product Information Management system of Esschert (Inriver) and Qmica.

Retailers in the DIY & Garden and Animal sector ask their suppliers to provide product data via the GS1 standard.

With consistent and correct product data, retailers are able to inform consumers. Not only online, but also in physical stores. In addition to commercial purposes, correct product data is also important for logistics and other internal processes.

With Qmica, Esschert is able not only to create the correct mappings at attribute level between its own product information system and GS1, but also at the level of values. In addition, Qmica also provides publication to the GS1 data pool or specific retailers. Qmica maintains the GS1 data model, which enables Esschert to implement any changes very quickly and efficiently.