We successfully cooperate with partners. Not only with PIM vendors and implementation parties but also with strategic partners such as data management parties. We are committed to helping our partners successfully deliver innovative ETL solutions to their customers. Our programme offers a wide range of resources and support to help you guide your customers to successfully transform product data in line with market standards. The Qmica Partner Programme is designed to help you take your customers to the next level.

Partners | Qmica

PIM Vendors


DynamicWeb excels in providing a comprehensive cloud-based eCommerce suite that integrates CMS, eCommerce, Product Information Management (PIM), and Marketing solutions.


KatanaPIM is the single source of truth for product information that helps brands, wholesalers and retailers easily collect, enrich and validate their product data and efficiently distribute correct and consistent information to their different sales channels, marketplaces, resellers, partners and catalogs.


Perfion is the ultimate Product Information Management solution for multi-channel, multi-language communication. Easily manage all your product data from a single central location. Seamlessly distribute your product information to all your publications, apps, and websites from one unified source.


The world’s favorite Product Information Management (PIM) software for small and medium businesses thanks to its user-friendly interface, affordable pricing, easy and quick implementation, and dedicated customer support.


Inriver powers the entire product journey at every touchpoint. The composable inriver PIM solution, with built-in digital shelf analytics and integration capabilities, connects to any digital ecosystem with flexibility to help B2B and B2C enterprises meet growing demands on product data through the entire product cycle.

PIM Implementation Partners


Full-service internet agency Bluedesk makes companies successful online. They conceive, design, build, and market converting e-Commerce solutions.


Ctac makes the technology of renowned IT giants such as SAP and Microsoft flexible, practical, and industry-specific for every organization. We provide innovative solutions that perfectly match your sector, organization, and challenges.


Innovadis helps manufacturers and wholesalers with digital transition and data exchange. We specialize in Product Information Management (PIM/DAM), eCommerce, iPaaS, and GS1. We do this for companies such as Koninklijke van Wijhe, Esschert Design, AXA Security, and Kyocera Senco.

Sheph Solutions

Sheph Solutions specialize in Product Information Management. As a partner of Perfion, we implement Perfion PIM/DAM solutions, including integrations with ERP software, eCommerce systems, and market standards such as GS1 and ETIM.


WCG is a consultancy that supports wholesalers in integrating technology and digitizing business processes. They help wholesalers succeed in the digital economy by aligning technology with strategy and guiding business transformation.

Strategic Partners


2BA manages the neutral data service for controlled and automated exchange of electronic product and trade data between manufacturer/importer/agent, wholesaler, and installer based on the industry standard ETIM in close collaboration with Ketenstandaard Bouw & Techniek and GS1.


ETIM provides a seamless solution for the data exchange of technical products. As the international classification standard, ETIM structures the flow of technical information within the value chain, enabling effective interaction between B2B professionals worldwide.


GS1 standards are the most widely adopted system of standards worldwide. They provide a comprehensive suite of services and tools to simplify the implementation of their standards. GS1 is a global, neutral, non-profit standards organization.

Master Data Partners

MDP specialized in data management, analyzes existing product data and helps companies classify products, enrich product information, and establish effective processes to keep product data up-to-date.

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