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Get the most out of your product information

The relevant supplier of power tools would like to provide product information through the GS1 data pool. With Qmica he is able to quickly and easily convert his product information to the GS1 standard and that of Intergamma. He does this once. Qmica records the mapping so that changes are only requested when products or standards change.

The number of sales channels is increasing and with it the number of different datasheets to be maintained. It is virtually impossible for a supplier to include data standards in its own system and to keep them up to date.

Qmica maintains the included standards and informs its users about changes and indicates in the personal dashboard which products require adjustments.

  • One-off quick and easy mapping of product information
  • Delivering consistent product information in the right format to the right channel
  • Central management of mappings
  • Requires no adjustments to the supplier's (PIM) data models
  • No maintenance of standards in supplier's (PIM) system
  • In case of changes to standards, only make those adjustments that are necessary

Qmica Features


Qmica analyzes your product data against market standards and sales channels. Immediate insight into the quality of your data, missing and incorrect data.


Qmica maps your product data to market standards and sales channels. Qmica also takes care of the maintenance of the included market and retail standards. Through the dashboard, Qmica informs the supplier in the event of changes and indicates which products require adjustment.


For export, the data is validated according to the recorded market and retail standards. Qmica prevents unnecessary loss of time because validation takes place first.


After generation and validation, an export is generated per market standard or sales channel. In this way you deliver the right product information in the right format to the right channel


With Qmica you ensure that your market standard data reaches the end customer

API Integration

Integrate your existing PIM platform/ solution with our api