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Coen Bakker Deco, GS1 connected

· 3 min read

For Coen Bakker Deco, since retailers in the Garden & Animal sector have joined the GS1 data pool, it is a necessity for the exchange of product data to be GS1 compliant.

After consultation with GS1 Netherlands, it soon becomes apparent that manually entering product data is not an option. With more than 3,000 products, this would be a much too time-consuming task. To speed up this process, Coen Bakker Deco has enlisted the help of Qmica.


With Qmica, Coen Bakker Deco has been able to quickly and efficiently transform, validate and publish its product data to the GS1 standard DIY & Garden and Animal. In less than 3 months, all products are live in the GS1 data pool and retailers can use correct, consistent and standardized product data from Coen Bakker Deco. 

Complete product data

Hester Kok, project leader GS1 Coen Bakker Deco explains:

“With the solution from Qmica, we were able to make our product data suitable for GS1 in a short period of time.

With the Qmica application we have easily mapped and validated our product data according to the guidelines of GS1. We can publish our product data in the Trade Connectors GS1 data pool.

Without the help of this application we would not have been able to achieve this in such a short time. Qmica will also make things easier for us in the future because the latest GS1 data model is always available in the application and we only have to keep track of the changes.

The process is clear, Hester continues her story:

  • Qmica has analyzed our article file and where necessary we have jointly added data. For example, it is important to include a classification (GPC or Brick code) in the article file. This makes selecting the right GS1 attributes easier.
  • After enriching the required data, the article data was uploaded into the application and we created mappings. In practice, this works very efficiently because Qmica implements the mappings throughout the entire article file.
  • Practical matters such as converting commas into points and converting from CMT to MMT have enabled us to realize the extensive conversion options within Qmica without having to adjust this in our own systems.
  • Finally, a validation process has been started which works very easily. Then it is also immediately visible what data is still missing for certain products.
  • After validation, we registered the valid products in the data pool of GS1 Netherlands with one push of a button.”